A personal note from Georgena


I have experienced trauma and grief, including the suicide of my son…

Today I’m a trained trauma specialist and grief guide. This is a second career for me, one I embarked on following the death of my son. When Reed completed suicide – in addition to the sense of unbearable loss – I had the added feeling of guilt. What should I have done to prevent this? Why didn’t I see the signs?

Reed was just 15 when he took his own life.
Reed was literally so embarrassed that he wanted to die. Reed was handsome, sensitive, and gifted at math and visual arts. He was an athlete and charismatic leader. He planned to letter in 5 sports during high school. He clearly had hopes and plans for a bright future.

Reed had been drinking with friends, and he was caught. Following a failed breath test, he was suspended for 3 days and banned from the basketball team for the remainder of the season. He was publically embarrassed and couldn’t live with the shame of it.

While I was comforting his girlfriend, Reed ran home. He leaned over the barrel of his granddad’s shotgun and pulled the trigger. He died of what I now call impulsi-cide.™ Reed impulsively completed suicide, because the pain he felt in that moment was greater than his plans for the future.

My world was shattered.
With the help of my faith, family and friends who loved me, I began my odyssey to recover. I learned to move from shattered to wholeness once again. It wasn’t easy. I was unable to love myself, because I believed that I had failed to guide my son safely through adolescence.

I had to recognize and own my grief.
Grief isn’t a “thing.” Rather, it lives within us. It reveals our deepest emotions and our longing to be healed. I dove deeply and leaned into my grief. Of course, some days I was overwhelmed by my trauma and grief. Finally, when I learned to communicate with my grief through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, I discovered grief as the transformative teacher it truly is. I began to move into another better world, another life.

Today, as a trauma specialist and grief guide, I can help you put your life back together.
As a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®, I began to cradle mothers like myself who had buried their children. I supported them as they learned to grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally. Throughout this time, I read every book on grief I could find. I attended many workshops and classes.

My study revealed an aspect of grief that no one talked about: Grief lives within us.
I believe you have to feel grief to heal it. When you grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier. I’ve guided many people through their grief to gain a fulfilling, joyful life. I hope you’ll let me guide you.