Georgena Eggleston

A series of devastating losses led me to become a trauma and grief therapist. Let me share my powerful story, unique insight and practical tools with your group.

In 3 short years, my life was rocked by the loss of 5 people I loved. Two of them – my teenage son and brother – completed suicide. To begin my personal recovery, I read everything I could find on grief. In fact, my extensive study led to a new awareness – an aspect of grief no one talks about – that grief lives within the body.

I emerged several years later as a trauma specialist and grief therapist guide. Today, I guide people to work through their grief and help them regain their lives and find joy.

Participants gain the awareness that they can be transformed beyond their grief.

Through my keynotes and trainings, participants are empowered to recognize and then respond to their grief, instead of resisting it. They gain a new awareness that grief lives in their body.

Participants leave with practical, self-care tools to safely lean into their trauma and grief. And this is vital, because when you grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier.

As a grief therapist, my speaking style is interactive, enabling me to engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. My audiences include caregivers for end-of-life patients, hospice teams, and grieving parents. I also speak to organizations that have experienced the death of an employee.

My keynote and workshop topics:

  • From Shattered to Radiant Living – Moving Beyond the Trauma of Suicide
  • Grief – One Size Does Not Fit All
  • Self-Care – A Way to Move Beyond Trauma & Grief
  • Shuttle Out of the Vortex of Workplace Grief to Sacred Balance
  • Trauma, Grief and Stress-Relief Tools for the Workplace
  • Whatto Say to a Grieving Person
  • Is Private Therapy for you: Demo of Transformative Power of Rubenfeld Synergy Method

A selection of groups I have spoken to:

  • Visiting Angels Employee Education (caregivers for end-of-life patients)
  • International Organization of Noetic Sciences
  • Oregon Health Care Association
  • Mental Health Ministry, First Plymouth Congregational Church, Lincoln, Nebraska
  • The Original Afterlife Awareness Conference

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