Georgena Eggleston - what people are saying

Praise for Georgena’s work
as a trauma specialist and grief guide

Clients helped by individual trauma and grief sessions with Georgena Eggleston, MA

  • “I have discovered by working through my grief with Georgena that my true purpose is to live life as an integration of heart and intuition.”

    Business Owner
  • “My sessions with Georgena benefited me greatly. I was able to let go of the heavy burdens I held after losing a close friend. Since starting sessions with Georgena, I've found ways to better manage other trials of life that have come my way. As a result, my life has been more comfortable and big issues have been approachable with ease and confidence. In addition, I had been experiencing back pain, and wasn't responding to other treatments. My pain significantly diminished after our sessions.”

  • “I have my footing because I can feel it in my body. I am not alone. I can get through this grief.”

    Life coach

Comments from attendees of Georgena’s “Trauma & Grief Relief” meetings

  • “This powerful workshop led me out of the dark of my grief to a door that opened into my new, dazzling life.”

    Business Coach
  • “After attending this workshop and experiencing so much trauma and grief relief, I am paying for my friend to attend the next one.”

    Wellness Coach
  • “The pain in my shoulder is gone now, because I realized during the workshop that it was old, deep grief from over a decade ago. I let go of it tonight.”

    Insurance Broker
  • “Georgena is a Healer of Healers.”

    Spiritual Counselor

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