Set Your Intention From Your Inner Connection

Dear Community,

It’s a new year. New dreams. New goals. An opportunity to review and reflect on our inner state. Approaching life from an inner connection helps you gain a sense of empowerment.

Last week, a corporate group I work with wanted to set new goals for the year. But they didn’t want to focus on the typical stuff about money or health.

Instead, they each expressed a desire that 2019 be different. Their focus was on how to live with intention and from an inner place of empowerment. They want to live stress-less, have more energy, and foster better relationships.

I led two exercises helping them connect with their inner self. You too can give these a try and see what happens.

Exercise 1

  1. Close your eyes.
  2. Take a deep cleansing breath.
  3. Now imagine champagne bubbles filling up your torso.
  4. Notice them. What do they look like? What do they feel like?
  5. What words come to mind as you experience the bubbles?
  6. How would you describe this experience?

Exercise 2: P-B-C

  1. Pause
  2. Breathe into your body.
  3. Focus on your breath coming in.
  4. Let your breath out and focus on its going out.
  5. Connect to your torso.
  6. What do you feel? What words come to mind?

By using mind-body exercises, you can learn to listen deeply and connect to your inner state.

The act of noticing, focusing, and naming your feelings creates a space of empowerment. From there you can move into your intentions for what to do next.

From a place of empowerment, last week’s group stepped into their 2019 goals with more self-awareness and even joy.  They felt renewed and energized as they returned to work.

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