Praise for Georgena’s work as a trauma specialist and grief guide

Clients helped by individual trauma and grief sessions with Georgena Eggleston, MA

“I have discovered by working through my grief with Georgena that my true purpose is to live life as an integration of heart and intuition.”

– Business Owner

“My sessions with Georgena benefited me greatly. I was able to let go of the heavy burdens I held after losing a close friend. Since starting sessions with Georgena, I’ve found ways to better manage other trials of life that have come my way. As a result, my life has been more comfortable and big issues have been approachable with ease and confidence. In addition, I had been experiencing back pain, and wasn’t responding to other treatments. My pain significantly diminished after our sessions.”

– Chiropractor

“I have my footing because I can feel it in my body. I am not alone. I can get through this grief.”

– Life Coach

Comments from attendees of Georgena’s “Trauma & Grief Relief” meetings

“This powerful workshop led me out of the dark of my grief to a door that opened into my new, dazzling life.”

– Business Coach

“After attending this workshop and experiencing so much trauma and grief relief, I am paying for my friend to attend the next one.”

– Wellness Coach

“The pain in my shoulder is gone now, because I realized during the workshop that it was old, deep grief from over a decade ago. I let go of it tonight.”

– Insurance Broker

“Georgena is a Healer of Healers.”

– Spiritual Counselor

Let me help you move from shattered to radiant living.