Loss is a natural part of life.

You can grieve mindfully – and find joy again.

My life was decimated by loss…

In the short span of 3 years, I lost my brother, father-in-law, mother, father and teenage son. My brother and son completed suicide, so these unthinkable deaths were accompanied by a sense of guilt that I should have seen their pain and done something to stop them.

Through extensive study, I discovered that grief lives within us.
In my quest to rebuild my shattered life and find happiness again, I discovered where grief lived in my body. Today, as a trauma specialist and grief guide, I will teach you the techniques of mindful grieving and intentional mourning.

When you grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier.

You can honor the loved one you lost, and you can experience a fulfilling, joyful life. Let me show you how.

 A New Mourning:
A New Mourning:
Discovering the Gifts In Grief

Learn tools to live your life fully again. Give yourself permission to reclaim your life and your joy!

Trauma and Grief Therapy:
Trauma and Grief Therapy:
I have been where you are.

So many people I love have died including my teenage son. As a grief guide, I help others whose lives are shattered by loss.

Keynotes with a new insight:
Keynotes with a new insight:
Trauma and grief live in your body

Meeting Professional: Give your group the tools to “lean into” trauma and grief – and create a joyful, fulfilling life.

Free Grief Assessment and Audio Meditation

Inspiring words from Georgena. Excerpts from:

A New Mourning: Discovering the Gifts in Grief

“Please know that there is nothing wrong with you, wherever you are in this moment.”
“I invite you to employ the tools of curiosity, self-care, listening to your body and its messages, and object permanence when you are ready to move into and through your grief.”
“I teach Mindful Grieving and Intentional Mourning so that we as a nation can truly be brave as we move into the vortex of grief – and free as we move beyond our grief.”
“Now, my relationship with Reed expands as I grow into the peace of being the Trauma Specialist and Grief Guide that I am today. It was his gift to me.”
“Can I stop making grief so hard?” Yes. “Am I willing to do that?” It’s a question we each have to ask and answer for ourselves.
“We experience grief in our own way and on our own timeline. Grief is individual to every person.”
“When I began my grief journey in the darkness, I had yet to grasp these truths: Loss is a part of life. Everything living moves into another form. There is a part of us that never dies. Grief is transformative when we allow it to be. We can transcend it.”
“There were tears under the surface of everything. I was stuck in my Fragile Grief and had no way out. My morning spiritual practice was my lifeline.”
“Discovering the Gift of Receiving, I learned to:
• Choose to let others take care of me.
• Accept others’ help and receive from them.
• Allow another to accompany me through grief’s grip as my listening witness.”
“Wail your grief; keeping it in is exhausting. This means crying at the top of your lungs. … Self-care is the foundation of moving through grief. Listen to what you need.”
“The mourning process is like riding a rollercoaster through the ups and downs of grief. Awareness and gratitude are lights through the darkness.”
“I had a choice. I could release my embodied trauma and transcend grief, or I could move through my mourning in a tedious journey that would be as painful and arduous as climbing a mountain.”
“Grief can be a catalyst for growth and transformation. You can move through grief and beyond with a sense of discovery and return to feeling alive and joyful.”
“You must feel grief to heal from it. … There is no map through grief’s grip.”
“When you grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier.”

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