No one is exempt from trauma and grief.
Join others who are learning how to transform their grief

Have you:

  • Lost an important person through death or divorce?
  • Recently lost a pet, job, home, your health or money?
  • Experienced a life change that has significantly altered your dreams, hopes and plans?

Grief is a natural consequence of life, but unprocessed grief is the hidden source of many issues.
If you feel stuck because you are experiencing unprocessed grief, you might be losing sleep, getting sick, or feeling a lack of focus and motivation. Grief can lead to unwanted weight gain or diminish our health and vitality. It causes problems in our friendships, partnerships and family.

When you experience grief and learn from it, you emerge stronger and happier.
Don’t spend another day alone with your grief. Join others or grief relief gatherings with those who are experiencing grief and learn the tools and techniques to meet your grief head on. Learn how to grieve mindfully and mourn intentionally, so you can be transformed beyond your grief to emerge stronger and happier.

“Trauma & Grief Relief” is a powerful 90-minute trauma and grief therapy program.
In this safe setting, personally guided by Georgena, you will move through the vortex of grief. Georgena will teach you through their grief relief gatherings to recognize where the unprocessed grief lives in your body and how to name it, claim it and tame it.


  • 90-minute session in Portland, Oregon
  • Group size is limited to 9 people, so participants have ample time to share thoughts and experiences using Georgena’s tools.
  • “Trauma & Grief Relief” meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month (except holidays).
  • Cost for the 90-minute session is $45.
  • NEXT GATHERING: January 12, 7pm

Join others who want to honor what’s been lost, but are tired of being dragged around by

“The Dragon of Fragile Grief.” Arrive with your fatigue, overwhelm and sadness. Leave with a new vision about your grief and 3 tools to feel happy, hopeful and alive again.

“Trauma & Grief Relief” meetings: Register now to reserve your spot.