Grief, Self-Acceptance, and Aging

Grief comes with aging. The inevitable loss of strength, home, friends, family, health, and more. Aging calls for greater self-acceptance and grace.

During the last year, I learned just how much grief is a call for “timeout”. A focus on self-care. A time for compassion towards ourselves.

Indeed, this soft attitude of self-acceptance ripples out to others automatically.

Recently, I touched on this in an interview with Catherine Rowan, a truly wise woman. She’s also the organizer of an event called, The Wise Woman’s Journey. [see below for sign up info]

Together we explored the grief that comes with aging. It’s a rare person who doesn’t experience loss as they age.  The take-away lessons are how to give ourselves permission to acknowledge the grief. And to be gracious toward ourselves.

That’s why I’m sharing a recording of our chat with you.  CLICK HERE

Wise Woman's Journey - Interview

It’s only 35-minutes – just enough time to enjoy a good glass of wine or make a meal. A FREE GIFT is included for your enjoyment.


Go here to register for The Wise Woman’s Journey: grow older as a powerful woman

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Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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