Two Special Gifts for You

The First Gift for You

Dear Community,

If you know me or have read my blogs, you know I believe the universe send gifts. To me. To you.

Last week I told a colleague yet another story about receiving three remarkable gifts in one day. “Life Loves you, Georgena”, she said.

Yes, Life loves me. It’s become my daily mantra.

But when you’re deep in grief, it’s hard to remember. It’s hard to believe. “Life loves me.” Really? It sure doesn’t feel like it.

So today, I’m sending you two gifts.

First, I’m gifting you with this photo. It’s a photo of a sculpture by Celeste Roberge called “Weight of Grief.” It shows grief in all its pain, heaviness, and constriction. It shows the emotion that words can’t convey.

I Have Eight Of the Second Gift

The second gift is a special seat at the Afterlife Forum and Retreat.

As one of five presenters, I’ve been given eight seats at a special price. And I’m offering one to you.

At the retreat, we’ll explore the truth of life after death – how “Life is eternal.” We’ll discuss how the connections and bonds in earthly relationships are unbroken by death.  I’m sharing my experience in connecting with my loved ones after their death – my son, Reed; my mother, Betty; and my brother Mark.

They each came to me within months of their deaths assuring me they were well.

The setting is beautiful. Jeffrey and Jane are Mediums. Robin’s songs and Petra’s riveting story will shift you at the cellular level.

So please reply to me with any questions you have.

Peace and Blessings All Over,


Go here for more information on the Afterlife Forum and Retreat

Check this Out to See How It Feeds Your Soul

CARSON HOT SPRINGS – October 6th & 7th

Love Never Dies & Life is Eternal

Explore the truth of life after death – how “Life is eternal” and exists through our ancient texts, comparative religion, art, and native traditions.

Jane de Forest, Petra Nicoll, Georgena Eggleston, Jeffry Marks, and Robin Landsong as they discuss how the connections and bonds shared in earthly relationships are unbroken by death.

The symposium will provide entertaining, first-hand accounts of people reunited with loved ones and animals in the afterlife.

What to Expect

  • Hear Afterlife experts & authors speak, teach & share
  • Learn about ancient techniques for communicating with the Afterlife
  • Learn how our loved ones in the Afterlife are cooperating with us
  • Learn how animals survive death
  • Use art, ritual & ceremony to help work through grief & loss

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