Are you spewing or singing as you release your emotions?

COVID Fatigue, Financial Fears, Racial Injustice, Riots, and now Election emotions are taking their toll. Even among the most grounded of us. Every one of us experiences the overwhelm of unregulated emotions. The emotional process that spews chemicals into our brain -affecting our body, mind, and spirit.  Are you spewing or singing to release them?

That’s the question. Are you spewing or singing to release emotions?

Are you more critical of yourself? And others? Do you feel like crawling under a rock at the end of the day instead of joining the family at the dinner table? Are you trying to ‘convince’ someone to see things your way?

Emotions are part of this human life.

They are information in-motion. Sometimes they are hard to discern. Something is ‘just off’.

At other times, look out! The flood of frustration, anger, or rage is undeniably evident. Triggered by our worry, doubt, and fear.

So, what can we do?

The Pandemic Pause.
(Imagine this to the tune of the Hokey-Pokey)

Pause mid-spew to check in. (Put your right hand in)
Pause mid-spew to check out. (Put your right hand out)
Pause mid-spew to check in. (Put your right hand in)
And shake yourself about. (and shake it all about)
You do Pandemic Pause (You do the hokey-pokey)
And you turn yourself around (and you turn yourself around)
That’s what it all about. (That’s what it’s all about. Clap, clap.)

Okay. I KNOW it’s a stretch.
It needs more verses.
Way more. Bring ‘em on.

But in this moment, how do you feel? A little lighter? Has your Awareness shifted? Are the Anterior Cingulate and the Insula of your brain a bit more activated? These are key parts of the Salience Network.

For decades these 5 Rubenfeld Synergy Principles have been the foundation of what’s evolved as the Somatic Emotional Release and Somatic Grief Release.

Awareness is the First Key to Change.

• Change happens only in the present moment.
• The Body Tells the Truth.
• The Body’s Language is Metaphor.
• The Body is the Sanctuary of the Soul.

Science is now identifying Awareness as the fourth state of consciousness. The new number one strategy for maintaining brain health.

Awareness can protect your brain from being damaged by excessive worries, doubts, and fears.

Awareness is entered with practice. That means you may choose to begin an Awareness practice.

You are choosing brain health when you

train yourself to pause and enter mindful awareness

before spewing your worry, doubt, and fear.

Ok. Now it’s your turn

Send those additional verses and we’ll have a Facebook Sing-a-long before the end of the month.

Love all around, above, below, to the left and to the right, before you and behind you,


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